"Art washes away the dust of our soul".

About Me

I primarily paint in water colors as the fluidity of this medium allows me to be malleable to diffrent style. The subjects that I like to paint ranges from Indian & western portraits, urbans, seascapes & still life, in all these subjects I only try to capture the emotions that these subject conveys. I do not literally paint the subjects as it is but the divine transcending message that creates a sense of calm tranqulity in the audience heart.

I make sure the audience are able to have a divine soothing connection with my works or rather like resting in a bautiful hammock swing which provides relaxation from the days routine. In watercolor I plan my pallettes very meticulously to convey a particular type of mood, or emotion. For every subject be it portrait, urbans or seascapes I try to convey a sense of calm tranqulity to the core of the heart mind & soul of the audience. I also paint in oils & acrylics when I get unique comissions or orders from clients India & abroad.

I am also a member of American watercolor society, as well as National watercolor society. My works have been collected privately in US, Europe, & India.

Early life and education

My first Art teacher was Mr Molahali a gifted man who taught art with a passion that captivated me forever with his ability to reflect people and their daily lives in such a profound manner.

Following my schooling, I did a year in textile designing at the Governor’s college of arts and crafts inspired by the great professor Dr Alphonso Doss. He played a major influence in my artistic foundation and interest in painting. I later moved to Singapore where I studied “Animation”at the Lasalle college of the arts. I then continued my journey in arts by joining the prestigious, Savannah college of art and design in the United States where I pursued BFA in Painting and worked at Marvel comics for a year. I have a keen eye for detail and especially enjoy the old masters like Rembrandt and Caravaggio styles in painting.

Watercolor is my favorite medium however I derive inspiration from sketching portraits,painting oil on canvas and often take inspiration from everyday life including seascapes, landscapes, street scenes, urban views and so on thereby trying to freeze time as I experience it.

After completing my education in the Us I returned to India I commenced working as art teacher in international schools as well as worked as guest faculty in NIFT India’s leading fashion design college.i have also worked as freelancing animation background artist for 2d animation.

I have attended several Art exhibitions and had the honor to present my work at some great shows both individually and in collaboration with senior artists both in India and abroad.

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